Il Poggiolo – Farmhouse in Bologna – presentation

Il Poggiolo – Farmhouse in Bologna

The Poggiolo farmhouse is pleased to welcome you: we offer a new dynamic concept of

rural tourism that meets the typical italian tradition to satisfy our foreign friend’s

demands. Six accommodations: all the rooms have been rebuilt in 2005 and have a private

entrance, bathroom with shower, TV, air-conditioning, safe deposit box, hairdryer, terrace

with panoramic view.

Our dining hall covered with wooden beams reminds you of ancient rural environments

which makes your lunch/dinner in front of the beautiful view of the hills from Bologna to

Florence even more tasty and relaxing. Our Chef proposes all the well known classic

recipes from Bologna including pasta made with rolling pin in the traditional way, dishes

made from organic vegetables and cereals that grow at our farm according to the season,

wooden boards with a selection of delicious charcuterie and cheeses from nearby farms,

served together with different kinds of skilfully baked bread made from flour grinded in

our own mill. We put importance on gluten-free meals according with Italian Celiac

Disease Association.

Last but not least you can taste high quality pastry and cakes, prepared also on demand,

served with an excellent passito wine.

We also organise courses of pasta & bread baking, traditional italian cooking and wine

tastings, with the the aim of giving some basic notion how to taste wines properly.

Moreover , we offer archery, guided visits with herbal practitioner to the organic

“officinale” garden - discovery the properties and use of lavendar, thyme, sage and


The trip continues inside “the goblin’s wood” where we can find old tall oaks and wild

growing plants and we talk about their properties and it customs related to them.

Other activities are:

_Producing essential oils.

_Distillation of cultivated plants. In order to obtain essential oil, recognition of the

different extracts impregnated on wadding.

_Creation of herbal infusions and decoctions.

_Cosmetics from levander.

_Guided visits upon booking to Ducati and Ferrari museums, to Bologna downtown, to

Balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano factory. ACTIVITIES


Il Poggiolo is part of the association “the road of bread”, so you won’t miss our special

bread types with herbs, prepared with grain or spelt flour grinded at the moment in our

little mill. The participants, adults and children, will enjoy preparing their own various

breads, pizzas, piadina, bread sticks and after having baked them in the oven, they can eat

them with our delicacies and fresh cheeses at lunch.

Afternoon: confectionery with traditional pastries and mother creams.


Tasting dinner “il vino indirizza l’arte del fornello”.

Four great wines combined with four Bologn dishes. Together with our sommelier from

AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) we will examine them and with the help of an

organoleptic evaluation (visual examination olfactory examination gustatory

examination) their characteristics will be determined.


The great Italian art – A full day into the World of Pasta

We begin with the real Ragù Bolognese and then we continue with other importants Italian

sauces. When the sauces are ready, the guests produce pasta with the rolling pin in the

traditional way.

We teach how to make:

-Guitar Spaghetti; Tagliatelle; Tortelloni; Lasagne; Strozzapreti; Cortecce(without egg).


Intensive course to do on your own fresh cheese like ricotta, primosale,

squacquerone – home based activity.

Raw milk preparation (pasteurization, addition enzymes, addition mildews), milk

coagulate, curd break, curd cooking and extraction (buttermilk), shape spinning,

squashing, stewing, salting.

The cheese can be eaten after 24/48 hours and can be conserve to ripening for a week.


From the morning we’ll learn how to choose the food and what kind of food to buy in the

markets in Bologna and surroundings area. Then we’ll be back in the Farmhouse and learn

how to cook it with our Chef. A great experience for people who is really curious to know

tricks and how to make a special meal for a dinner with friends.


We provide guided visits with herbal practitioner to the organic officinal garden.

With the help of naturopaths we will also discover the flowertherapy of e.bach at “il

poggiolo” 17 of 38 remedies grow wild). We teach how to prepare the flowers that can treat

the soul.

Special herb menu for great lunch.

We rent mountain bikes and organize courses/races.GUIDED TOURS

The project is intended to provide a support to groups who wish to know more about the

archaeological (and historical) area called Regio VIII, the today-called Emilia-Romagna.

We propose conferences related to the territory and to explain the sports, politics,

navigation and everyday life (but not only…) in antiquity. The project also envisages the

possibility to do archaeological tours to rediscover the ancient urban development of the

region cities.

Available tours:

_Bologna centre: churches of Santo Stefano (so called 7 churches), basilica of S.Petronio,

cathedral of San Pietro, church of S.Domenico, Piazza Maggiore, Church of S.Maria della

Vita, Archiginnasio, Sala Borsa…. Programs suitable for all.

_Bologna and the hills: parrish churches and castles around Bologna

_The Roman Museum of Ozzano Emilia: the roman city of Claterna between Aemilia and


_Castel S.Pietro: a Roman city with thermes;

_Sasso Marconi: the village and Guglielmo Marconi

_From Etruscan to Mussolini: the ruins of etruscan Misa, The Archaeological National

Museum Pompeo Aria of Marzabotto, the historical park of Monte Bibele, Monte delle



Poggiolo is pleased to accommodate you in the most beautiful day of your life.

In the green and unspoilt Zena Valley, in a context that combines ancient and modern, the

Poggiolo offers an extensive internal room with air-conditioning for a maximum of 95

people, a smaller room for 25 and a suggestive external Pergola for more than one hundred

guests. Enchanting panoramic view of the nature that surrounds the organic farm and the

crops. We are at your disposition with the equipment choice and customization. Five

rooms with separate entrances, private bath and all amenities are available. For a more

comprehensive service, we suggest contacts for floral finishes and music.

Our cuisine proposes dishes of the Bologna tradition through the seasons. Our farm

provides cereal, fruit, vegetables, grapes and wine. From our mill we have wheat and spelt,

that we use for bread and other bakery products, homemade pasta, sweets and cakes. This

is to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Our vineyards we produce three red wines

and two white wines with great scent and on persistence. The valdobbiadine bubbles

complete the ceremony. Particular attention for menu without gluten and vegetarian

menù. And we always guarantee the bis!

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